PacsoftNG Cloud Solution 

Work in the Cloud!

PacsoftNG Cloud on tablet

Pacsoft‘s marina management cloud solution allows marina and boatyard operators to run PacsoftNG from anywhere, at any time. This gives operators the freedom to access information from any device of their choice, wherever they may be, and reduces operating costs by removing the need to maintain their own servers.

PacsoftNG Cloud is part of our commitment to continuous improvement to ensure that our customers will always have access to the latest tools and technologies to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

Why choose PacsoftNG Cloud?

Freedom of access - PacsoftNG Cloud
  • Freedom of access – take care of business whenever suits, whether on the go or while working from home.
Improve efficiency - PacsoftNG Cloud
  • Improve efficiency – make changes whenever you think of them rather than having to note them down and make them when in the office.
Reduce operating costs - PacsoftNG Cloud
  • Reduce operating costs – our cloud solution is fully-hosted by us, removing the need for your own server and minimising operating costs.
Always Up to date - PacsoftNG Cloud
  • Always up to date – software updates can be deployed instantly, ensuring you are always on the latest version of the system.
Backed up daily - PacsoftNg Cloud
  • Backed up daily – a safe pair of hands that ensures business continuity by backing up your data daily.

PacsoftNG Cloud features

Staff can work from wherever they choose
PacsoftNG Cloud offers your staff the freedom to work anywhere with an internet connection by removing the limitations to working on the go caused by hardware requirements.

Simplify operations
Get rid of barriers to working outside of normal business hours, including those work from home days.

Cut out unnecessary expenditure
Because we host PacsoftNG Cloud you no longer need to maintain it on your own server, reducing operating costs and freeing up capital to invest in other parts of your business.

We take care of updates
PacsoftNG Cloud ensures system can be deployed immediately, making it easier for you to always be on latest and greatest version of PacsoftNG.

Business continuity
Daily data backups gives peace of mind that your data can be restored if anything goes wrong.


Choose the modules your boatyard or marina needs

PacsoftNG Cloud makes all modules you subscribe to accessible online, from anywhere. In addition to PacsoftNG’s core functionality, you have the option of subscribing to a host of specialised add-on modules to cater for everything your marina or boatyard needs.

Add-on modules include our Customer Portal, MarinaPay, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Finance and Accounting, as well as integrations with third-party systems such as utilities, access control and much more. Find out about all the modules we offer on our products page.

Want to move into the future with a cloud-based software solution?

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Why choose PacsoftNG Marina Management Software?

Pacsoft NG has been trusted by marina organizations from the smallest local property to the largest Public multi marina facilities.  Our consultants share best of practices for any size organization to help grow and manage your asset base.

With our global marina management experience there is very little we haven’t been able to help our marina managers and operators with over the past 20 years. The advancement of operations and our software are a direct result of the relationships we have fostered to ensure your marina runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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