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The Pacsoft Core Module provides a suite of key features designed to keep your marina, boatyard or yacht club humming and your customers happy

The Pacsoft Core Module provides a suite of key features designed to keep your marina, boatyard or yacht club humming and your customers happy.

Acting as the hub of PacsoftNG, it includes everything required to maintain your client database, book, update and view the location of all vessels onsite, issue customer communications, generate business reports, manage staff system permissions, and much more.

Why choose Pacsoft?

Pacsoft - Make more money
  • Save time and money - manage your operations from one place and automate repetitive tasks, saving staff time and improving your bottom line
Pacsoft - Customers Delight
  • Delight customers - make life plain sailing for your customers with our built-in visual marina, customer communications, and other tools.
Pacsoft - One stop shop for all your marina software needs
  • One-stop-shop - PacsoftNG is the world’s most comprehensive marina management software solution
Pacsoft MMS - Best on-call support
  • On-call support - our support team makes onboarding simple and resolving any technical issues a breeze
Pacsoft MMS - your trusted marina management software partner
  • Your trusted partner - with more than 25 years of history, PacsoftNG is trusted by marinas and boatyards the world over

Core Module Features

Visual Marina
Our ‘Visual Marina’ feature gives you a supreme management overview of every moving part of your marine operation from the present, past or future date of your choice. A top-down visual representation of your marina offers different views for current occupancy and arrivals and departures, making it easy to know which berth, mooring or hardstand a vessel is at, along with its current invoice status.

Share maps with incoming vessels so they know exactly how to navigate to their berth, choose to display multiple marinas on one screen in different resolutions and enjoy the ease of colour-coded identification of vessels’ status.

Manage customer communications
Set up emails and SMS (text) messages to customers directly from within PacsoftNG. Integrated email and SMS messaging makes it a breeze to keep your customers fully informed with everything they know to make the most of their stay.

Templated email responses
Customisable email templates allow efficient responses to be sent to common user-defined ‘quick queries’ – keeping your customers happier sooner and saving staff time.

Effective Reporting
From occupancy rates to revenue predictions – built-in reporting allows you to keep a close eye on all aspects of your business including yield and occupancy.

Keep on top of customer payments
PacsoftNG’s debtor-transaction management tools make keeping track of customer accounts simple. Clear visibility of outstanding fees for vessels about to depart reduces debt collection efforts.

Control staff access permissions
Easily control which menus or parts of PacsoftNG each staff member has access to using our ‘menu access control’ functionality. Set up bespoke user groups so you have total control over staff access privileges to prevent unexpected surprises, demonstrate best practice for audit requirements and amend access permissions at the drop of a hat.


Specialised modules to fit your every need

Our core module provides a solid foundation, but there’s so much more you can do with PacsoftNG. We offer a whole host of specialised add-on modules designed to work together seamlessly and provide the comprehensive and tailored solution your marina or boatyard needs.

Add-on modules include our Customer Portal, MarinaPay, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Finance and Accounting, as well as integrations with third-party systems such as utilities, access control and much more. We’ve got whatever floats your boat – find out about all the modules we offer on our products page.

Time to move your marina management software into the future?

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Why choose PacsoftNG Marina Management Software?

Pacsoft NG has been trusted by marina organizations from the smallest local property to the largest Public multi marina facilities.  Our consultants share best of practices for any size organization to help grow and manage your asset base.

With our global marina management experience there is very little we haven’t been able to help our marina managers and operators with over the past 20 years. The advancement of operations and our software are a direct result of the relationships we have fostered to ensure your marina runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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