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The Pacsoft Customer Portal gives customers the convenience of being able to handle common transactions and update their personal details whenever they choose and from anywhere. Customers can log in to the portal from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to add and update personal and vessel information, upload documents required by their marina such as insurance documentation, make payments, and digitally approve contracts or other agreements online.

Why choose Pacsoft Customer Portal?

PacsoftNG Icon Customer Convenience
  • Customer convenience - customers enjoy having the power in their hands to action changes and update their details at their leisure.
PacsoftNG Icon Save Time
  • Save staff time – the more time customers spend handling their own business the less time you’ll need to spend handling theirs.
PacsoftNG Customer Icon Simplify Comms
  • Simplify communications – the portal places customer communications at your fingertips with secure SMS and email messaging.
PacsoftNG Icon Brandable
  • Brandable – add your logo and brand colours to your marina or boatyard’s portal, to provide a seamless experience for customers.
PacsoftNG Icon Notification Logging
  • Notification logging – automatic logging of who makes changes and when makes it easy to understand if a change has been made by your team, or the customer.

Customer Portal Features

Let customers manage their own details
Allow customers to manage their own information, including their name and address, vessel details, payment details and more. This is a real time saver for customers and your team as it avoids the need for updates to be made by email, over the phone or in person at the front desk.

Digital signing of Ts and Cs and contracts
Confirmation of acceptance of contracts, conditions and other agreements can be actioned online. Documents and images can be uploaded to customer accounts, centralising data storage and enabling cross-referencing of insurance or Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF) updates. Permissions and approvals are instantly recorded on customer accounts, reducing paperwork for your team and saving time for customers.

Make customer communication easy
An embedded communications channel connects you and your customers allowing bulk and individual messaging while cutting out SMS costs. A complete history of all communications is logged for ease of reference in the future.

A white-labelled, tailorable experience
Pacsoft’s Customer Portal is white labelled so you can offer the optimum corporate impression according to your own design. Manage which customer and vessel fields are displayed or required to create a bespoke interface tailored to the needs of your customers and your own preferences.

Secure customer registration
Avoid duplicate, fake or spam sign-ups to your portal. Customer registration is confirmed by two-factor authentication to maintain secure identification.

Add payments functionality
Pacsoft Customer Portal users in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA can add the MarinaPay payment solution to their customer portal. This makes it possible for customers to use the portal to make payments for berth rentals, shop items and other products and services online.

Specialised modules to fit your every need - PacsoftMMS

Specialised modules to fit your every need

Our Customer Portal module is one of many specialised add-on modules designed to work together seamlessly to provide the bespoke software solution your marina or boatyard requires.

Add-on modules range from our MarinaPay gateway to Inventory Management, Finance and Accounting, and much more. We’ve got whatever floats your boat – find out about all the modules we offer on our products page.

Time to experience how Customer Portal can make things easier for you and your customers?

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Why choose PacsoftNG Marina Management Software?

Pacsoft NG has been trusted by marina organizations from the smallest local property to the largest Public multi marina facilities.  Our consultants share best of practices for any size organization to help grow and manage your asset base.

With our global marina management experience there is very little we haven’t been able to help our marina managers and operators with over the past 20 years. The advancement of operations and our software are a direct result of the relationships we have fostered to ensure your marina runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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