About PacsoftNG – Marina Management Solution

Pacsoft specialise in the marina, boatyard and yacht club business with over 25 years of experience and applies this significant industry knowledge with its PacsoftNG system and consultancy services.

The team at Pacsoft know a thing or two about the impact software can have on a variety of industries and businesses. Indeed, the marina and boatyard sector is one of the more complex business environments to navigate yet Pacsoft’s software solutions can simplify business life and increase business intelligence on the marina for management and staff alike – while meeting all the needs of the operation.

We know there are many challenges for marina owners and managers. With and increase in need for business information, your marina management system needs to be robust and flexible to deliver information from the complete marina organization.

Frequent water space rental turn over, dry stack rental management, leasing ownership, Body Corporate management, utility management, car parking, accounting and finances, retail shop operation, boat moving and servicing, compliance, the list goes on. Typically the above business functions would be operated, administered and managed by a small number of staff, which could add up to big costs on the year’s balance sheet.

The Marina and Boatyard business also varies considerably depending on where the business is located – by the ocean, a harbour, lake, the land area available and the demographics of the local population and customer base. Sometimes the marina can be a ‘port of entry’ with requirements from the local government and perhaps environmental compliance may arise too.

Software systems have to provide management solutions and a range of easy-to-use tools to simplify business life on the marina, suitable for use across different countries, cultures and in various languages. This is why Pacsoft develops and provides a highly flexible software solution with a comprehensive range of features and functions to allow the system to wrap around virtually any marina or boatyard business; all supported by our specialist and globally experienced consultancy services to help you see your business operations in new ways and assist in developing your business.

Solutions to gain detailed insight into your business and ensure added value.

Often, it is reliant on junior staff to operate marina management systems. The ability to maximise the benefits of a strong IT system can sometimes be lost as staff tend to be motivated to learn just enough to do their job, and not to push themselves to utilise the full potential of the system – improving the business along the way. This is the consulting that you receive from your software implementation team.

We actively encourage management to become involved and immersed in the system’s capabilities from the start to ensure management do not miss out on the real opportunities for streamlining the business operation, productivity, efficiency and management insight reporting. Marina managers who understand the potential and intricacies of their  management systems are set to reap the business rewards, and Pacsoft remain on hand to provide advice  and assistance whenever you require it in the future.

We are able to help you with your transition to PacsoftNG.

  • Pre-implementation consulting to determine best processes to meet your personal business needs
  • Project planning for implementation project
  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • System configuration and advice
  • User training
  • Implementation assistance and management
  • Accounting cut over support
  • Customised system operations manual
  • Go-live support for both on-site and cloud PacsoftNG solutions
  • Ongoing training and consulting to develop best use of system
  • Support assistance
  • Consultancy services to analyse business performance and development opportunities.

Why choose PacsoftNG Marina Management Software?

Pacsoft NG has been trusted by marina organizations from the smallest local property to the largest Public multi marina facilities.  Our consultants share best of practices for any size organization to help grow and manage your asset base.

With our global marina management experience there is very little we haven’t been able to help our marina managers and operators with over the past 20 years. The advancement of operations and our software are a direct result of the relationships we have fostered to ensure your marina runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

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