Mylor Yacht Harbour proudly continues the nautical tradition of Mylor, a haven for seafarers for
hundreds of years, with first-rate marina and boatyard facilities making it a mecca for the
current generation of sailors.

The introduction of Pacsoft’s marina management software in 2007 created a wave of
growth that the Cornish marine hub has been riding ever since, with 800 marina customers
on board and a berth occupancy rate of 100 per cent in force for more than 20 years.

Mylor Yacht Harbour Systems and Development Manager Matt Oakes said the biggest
benefit of PacsoftNG was its ability to act as a “one-stop shop” for all aspects of the
business’s operations.

“There are not many software offerings out there that are comprehensive enough to cater for
a full-service boatyard and holiday accommodation as well as a busy marina like ours.”

Using Pacsoft’s software for everything from berth rental management to accounts has
increased the harbours’ efficiency and made it easier and more cost-effective to offer its
wide range of services, he said.

“No other system can do everything in one package, and that’s the appeal of PacsoftNG.”

Oakes said Mylor Yacht Harbour had been oversubscribed for the past two decades, in part
due to increased boat ownership, but also because the business runs such a tight ship and
can cater for anything the recreational sailor might require.

“The thing with boats is that they rarely die. There are no scrapyards like there are for cars
and so people just keep fixing them up.”

Mylor Yacht Harbour boasts the capacity to provide a safe harbour to more than 1,000
vessels, with approximately 300 berths, 250 swing moorings and onshore storage for 500 vessels.

Its extensive range of facilities includes a boatyard with lifting and launching services and
marine engineers, riggers and metal fabricators on hand, plus an on-site chandlery, a range
of property unit options for tenants, and holiday apartments.

Oakes said Pacsoft’s value to Mylor Yacht Harbour extends beyond the comprehensive
software solution it provides. He said the Pacsoft’s UK-based consultancy Ocean Road had
provided expert development support and assistance setting up custom business reports, as
well as advice on industry matters to help Mylor stand out from the crowd.

“Pacsoft and Ocean Road’s knowledge of both the system, the industry, accounting and
business make them a huge resource.”

With the ongoing success Mylor Yacht Harbour has enjoyed, plans are afoot to develop the
site further and revamp its facilities to maintain its standing as one of the most sought-after
marinas and boatyards in the UK and preserve its maritime legacy, Oakes said.

Nestled in one of the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, dolphins, seals, otters, and
basking sharks are often encountered in the sheltered waters of the Fal Estuary surrounding
Mylor Harbour, adding to the reasons to visit the area for sea lovers.

The rich history of the area includes the old Falmouth Docks on the Fal Estuary being
chosen as the base of the Post Office Packet Service to and from Spain and Portugal in
1688, carrying freight and passengers by scheduled ship service.

In 1866 the HMS Ganges was anchored in Mylor Harbour to be used as a training centre to
educate volunteers in seamanship, gunnery and traditional aspects of sea life to prepare
them for a career in the navy. It was also a centre for the French Resistance during
the Second World War.

As the pages of history fade back in time it’s hard to determine exactly how long seafarers
have made Mylor Harbour a marine mecca, but it’s easy to predict the continued success of
its marina and boatyard as it sails smoothly into the future, proudly supported by Pacsoft’s
marina, harbour, and boatyard management solutions.

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